~.~.~It's me, Gloria! Gloria by name, Gloria by nature. Hurrah!~.~.~

Consider This to be a WARNING: I have not the slightest Idea what I'm even doing here, so please don't be disappointed If I won't say a word in the first few weeks. I will sit quietly in my corner and watch the others do their thing....:)
[btw Look at the blog isn't it colourful , isn't it bright? Muahahaha]

NOW: Stuff I like and this Blog is about:
I am one of those England-loving blogs, you probably heard so much about. Not a really good one...But I like stuff like MONTY FRIGGIN PYTHON (heck yeah) and this new Sherlock Holmes series with this Cumberbatch guy, also I like Whose Line is it Anyway and I quite like shows with English funny people (LIKE RIK FUCKING MAYALL) because I love intelligent people.... and funny enough also Norwegian funny people...wonder how that happend?

... what else to say?....Obla di Obla da? Have a nice stay? whatever you humans say...